When your official advisor is insufficient, we are ready to give scientific consultancy service you requested. Scientific and academic support is provided for the studies in various disciplines and fields about which we have experience. Support at international norm and values is provided for the studies in the fields of Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Statistics and Econometrics analysis, Biostatistics, Education, International Relations, Radio Television and Cinema, Engineering. Scientific consultancy needs for literature review you need for academic reasons, suggestion, layout and other points are met. The services given have to comply with laws within the framework of related code. Any service requested which is out of our scope isn’t given. Concerning the translation at which we are expert, the compliance of the study with our conditions  is sought for the requested language. A request out of this scope isn’t met. Our practices are carried out in full compliance with the formality and ethical values aren’t gone beyond. Our type of service is to provide scientific and academic consultancy. 

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